About NOLA to Angola

Nola to Angola is an annual three-day, 170-mile bicycle ride fundraiser. We ride from Orleans Parish Prison in New Orleans to Angola, the Louisiana State Penitentiary. Each rider raises money by soliciting sponsorships from family and friends. The funds raised support the Cornerstone Builders Bus Project, minus minor costs to support the bike ride. Nola to Angola remains entirely volunteer-run.

Nola to Angola began in 2011 as a small group of organizers supporting Cornerstone families torn apart by mass incarceration.The ride has grown from about a dozen riders to 50-60 and continues to expand each year, raising $25,000 – $30,000 for Cornerstone annually.. This has enabled Cornerstone to send a full schedule of buses, to develop long-term sustainability, and to expand their services to Shreveport. Click here to read more about Cornerstone Builders Bus Service.

Nola to Angola rides bikes yearly from Orleans Parish Prison in New Orleans, to Angola Prison. The ride draws attention to the great distance and many barriers separating people on the inside from their family members. Despite how critical visitation is, many families lack the means to visit. Nola to Angola is a supported ride, ideal for first-time distance riders. For more information about the logistics of the ride, please see our FAQ.

During the ride, organizers and community leaders speak to riders about local struggles related to incarceration, including environmental racism in the petro-chemical corridor, police brutality, prison reform organizing, re-entry advocacy, and lack of access to legal services. Nola to Angola’s mission is to raise funds andalso to educate. We aim to lift up the work of organizations struggling against the violence and racism of mass incarceration. We provide riders with information and resources to connect with and support local racial justice and prison reform organizations.