About NOLA to Angola

We envision a world in which families and communities are not divided by systems of incarceration and in which we all work collectively to fight mass incarceration, and other interconnected systems of oppression, to create a just world for everyone.


Nola to Angola organizes an annual bicycle ride to Angola Prison to support and fund the Cornerstone Builders Bus Project, which connects families to their incarcerated loved ones. We also organize a shorter social justice ride around New Orleans to highlight the work of community partners fighting mass incarceration. We educate people about the ways in which mass incarceration works in tandem with other systems of oppression, such as poverty and white supremacy, to disproportionately harm members of our communities. We do this through collective organizing, as well as leading training rides and educational events. We prioritize partnering with organizations led by formerly-incarcerated people and people of color, and work to support their leadership on prison justice issues.