Nearly $14,000!

The 2012 NOLA To Angola ride raised just under $14,000 for the Cornerstone Bus Project!  ( was thanks to the hard work of every rider to get pledges early, follow up with their friends and family, and the generosity of those who gave their time, money, energy, support, and love to people they don’t even know.

Thanks to this year’s riders, there will be even more buses helping to keep families in touch with one another.  They will help to sponsor additional buses so people no longer need to wait until the next time a bus is going to visit the prison in which a loved one is incarcerated.  They help to make certain that there will be a bus every month without worry for those who organize the ride so they can concentrate on things other than getting the money together.

We can’t thank any of you enough.  Even those who thought they simply linked this blog on their own blog.  YOU inspired followers of your blog to donate to this wonderful cause.

We have wrapped up that ride, and are now meeting to plan for the 2013 ride.  If you want to play a part in it, get in touch with us.  As a rider, organizer, planner, or a regular link demon.  We appreciate every form of aid.