Registration Is Open!


Registration is a two-fold process. We don’t actually consider anyone registered unless they have both paid their registration fee and come to an info-session or met with an organizer in person. We only do this to be certain of an individual’s dedication to taking part in this ride. It is a fundraiser, and we do get a lot of “interest” early on which eventually wanes down to the few who have the time and drive to pursue it.

Please keep in mind that on top of the registration fee, we do ask everyone to try to raise sponsorship funds from friends, coworkers, and family members. Your registration fee covers expenses such as fuel for support vehicles and food/drinks for you over the three days. The additional money raised goes to the Cornerstone Bus Project which funds the rides to the different Louisiana prisons.

So far we have been able to surpass our goals each year. The first year’s goal was to raise enough to fund six months of bus rides. It raised enough to cover seven months of rides. Last year’s goal was to cover eight to ten months of rides. Enough was raised to cover fourteen. Rather than only use one bus per trip, this money helped to provide additional buses so that there was no waiting list for some trips. Our goal for this year is enough to fund an entire year again. If we go beyond that, so be it, but we’ll be happy if another year of joy is brought to those who can see their loved ones at no cost.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. If circumstances have changed and you would prefer to help in some other way, we are always happy to have help.