Info for Riders

Riders carry basic supplies with them during the day and should have a bag/saddle bag/backpack for water, snacks, meds, and extra layers.

All other supplies will be carried in support vehicles, including tents and sleeping bags for camping, food for all meals, medical supplies, bike repair tools, and of course, the kind folks who will be providing support for the ride.

What NOLA to Angola provides for riders:

  • place to camp for 2 nights
  • 8 meals (lunch and dinner on Friday, 3 meals on Saturday and Sunday)
  • water
  • support vehicle in case of injury (in the emergency sense), to carry camping supplies and assist with bike repairs
  • basic first aid
  • basic bike repair tools

What you’ll need to carry as you ride:

  • a helmet (required)
  • snacks
  • a water bottle
  • patches / spare tubes.
  • rain gear

What we’ll carry for you, but which you’ll need to pack:

  • a sleeping bag
  • a tent (if you so desire)
  • toiletries
  • changes of clothing

Vehicle Support

The ride only goes one way. It leaves from New Orleans on Friday morning, and arrives at Angola on Sunday afternoon.  Vans and trailers will drive riders and their bikes from Angola back to New Orleans. Smaller support vehicles will also be available for assistance along the way.  They will be on call to provide first aid, carry equipment, assist with bicycle repairs, and guide the ride through traffic if needed.

Fundraising Responsibilities

Nola to Angola hopes to raise enough money to cover a year’s worth of bus trips through both direct sponsorship of riders and fundraising events. Each rider is responsible for raising AT LEAST $300 before the start of our ride.

Intimidated by asking for money?  Take a look at this fantastic letter written by a previous year’s rider to their family and friends asking for support.  We also have a fundraising guide and script that may assist you.

Download and use our sponsorship form for each of your sponsors, to assist our paperwork team in accounting.  Or have your sponsors fill out an online version of the form.  Both versions can be found on our sponsors page.

Sponsorship / Donation checks should be made out to: Nola to Angola