El Pulpo

This route dives into the history of the United Fruit Company and the Standard Fruit and Steamship Company during the early to mid 20th-century in New Orleans. These companies had a lasting disastrous impact on the economic, political and social landscapes in Latin American countries. Journalists took to calling United Fruit “el pulpo” (“the octopus”) because its tentacles were everywhere. The exploitation enacted on Latin American countries and people is yet another form of oppression that needs to be called out and fought against.

Click here to see suggested turn-by-turn directions and stop info for this 10.7 mile route.

Turn by turn directions can be found here: https://goo.gl/maps/qUkP6FZtZnQABLy38

Stop A: Chartres & Desire

Stop B: United Fruit Company’s old headquarters

Stop C: Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Stop D: Thalia Street Wharf

Stop E: Sam “BananaMan” Zemurray’s old home

While you are riding, bring masks and hand sanitizer, respect physical distancing, and make sure that you have an emergency contact who knows where you are and can pick you up if needed. We also have some more in-depth tips for safe biking in the pandemic, check them out! Please be aware that NOLA to Angola cannot provide logistical or emergency support to individual riders this year. Take care, and safe riding!

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