Click here to see suggested turn-by-turn directions and stop info for this 20 mile route.

Turn by turn directions can be found here:
Algiers has beautiful brand-new bike lanes that’ll be ready for riding in October. Check out this map to see their progress.

Stop A: The Algiers Ferry & Courthouse: Purchased Lives, Early Jewish History in Louisiana, Monuments to Injustice

Stop B: Parish Line

Stop C: Gretna/Mayor’s Court

Stop D: Algiers Playground: We Shall Overcome

Stop E: All Saints Catholic Church

Stop F: The NOPD’s 1980 reign of terror

Stop G: Maroon Settlements: Purchased Lives

Stop H: Folk Art Zone

Stop I: Henry Glover: 15 Years After Katrina

Stop J: Chalmette Ferry Dock/Chalmette Refinery: Poisoned Ground

Stop K: Cut Off

Stop L: ExhibitBE

Recommended further reading & viewing:

Baratunde Thurston, ‘Beyond the NatGeo Report on Policing in Gretna (Parts 1-3)’
Mark Gimein, ‘Welcome to the Arrest Capital of the United States’
Michael Isaac Stein, ‘Police Lawsuits Provide a View of Cash Register Justice’
Leonard Moore, Black Rage in New Orleans. LSU Press, 2010
Janny Densmore, ‘Algiers Killings’. BOMB Magazine, April 1982. Available online at
Cierra Chenier, ‘Jean Saint Malo: The Man, The Maroon, The Martyr’
Gwendolyn Midlo Hall, Africans in Colonial Louisiana. LSU Press, 1992
‘Law & Disorder.’ Frontline. PBS. First broadcast August 25, 2010. Available online at
A.C. Thompson, ‘Body of Evidence’
Dari L. Green, PhD. Lower Coast of Algiers. Arcadia Publishing, 2018
Rick Weill, ‘Cut Off Community Portrait’
Richard Campanella, The Westbank of Greater New Orleans: A Historical Geography. LSU Press, 2020

While you are riding, bring masks and hand sanitizer, respect physical distancing, and make sure that you have an emergency contact who knows where you are and can pick you up if needed. We also have some more in-depth tips for safe biking in the pandemic, check them out! Please be aware that NOLA to Angola cannot provide logistical or emergency support to individual riders this year. Take care, and safe riding!

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